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For those of you who don't know I am a huge fan of shoes. I may even consider having an addiction with them.  Doesn't matter what store I'm at I always try to make my way around the shoes section before I leave. It's such a bad habit but it makes me so happy when I find a good pair of shoes. So after the longest time of  dreaming and drooling over a pair of red bottoms. I was finally able to try on a pair of Lady Peeps and let me tell you... I was devastated. I could not squeeze my widely abnormal feet in any of the Louboutins. But, you know what they say.. Everything happens for a reason. A few days later I came across these YSL tribute. And I must admit I fell in love all over again. Stylish and super comfortable? Double win in my book. So here it is... Let me introduce you to my first pair of designer shoes.. YSL Tribute in black patent leather.

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